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Do you feel that your voice might be 'holding you back'?

  • Are there aspects of your voice that you would like to improve?
  • Would you like others to hear you and understand you better?
  • Would you like a stronger,  more resonant and expressive voice?
  • Would you like to be more expressive physically?


Areas of Specialization

      Private and corporate coaching in vocal improvement and strengthening

      Accent Reduction/Modification

      Accent Acquisition

      Assistance with blending the speaking and the singing voice

      Professional Dialect Coaching

      Voice-Over Training

      Presentation Skills

      Monologue Coaching

                How the training works:

                Lessac Master Teacher Nancy Krebs holds private, corporate and small group classes based on the Lessac Kinesensic Voice & Body Training.  This is a holistic sensory-based approach originally created and developed by Arthur Lessac, one of the great voice teachers of the 20th century.  It is gentle, creative, fun and effective in enabling you to become your own 'self-teacher'.  For more information about Kinesensics, please visit the Lessac Institute at  https://www.lessacinstitute.org/

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